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What We Do

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Shooting Instruction

Work on the mechanics of the shot and do various shooting drills and workouts.

Individual and Team Skills

Learn 1 on 1 moves and team drills for game situations and team development.

Sports Conditioning

Off-season/in-season stretching, agility, flexibility and strengthening workouts and physical development.

White Shadow Basketball

Basketball Training with a Higher Purpose

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My business name is White Shadow Basketball-Basketball training with a Higher Purpose.

Individual skills and team development in the game of basketball.


My goal is to give the player the opportunity to gain the tools that he or she needs to reach or even exceed their basketball goals.

Emphasis on developmental shooting, 1 on 1 skills, defense, and ball handling drills will be taught.


Sessions start at:

$50/hour for initial training and evaluation

 Each 1 hour Session:$60/hour

 Discounted/Monthly rates:

3 sessions - $175/month

5 sessions - $240/month.

Group rates also apply for 2 participants and teams.

2 participants: 1 session-$45, 3 sessions-$125, 5 sessions-$200.

Team: 1 session-$35, 3 sessions-$100, 5 sessions-$175.

I'm a retired coach/teacher in Texas public schools with 30 years experience. I have been doing my basketball training/coaching business for 5 years in the Georgetown/Jarrell, Round Rock and Pflugerville surrounding area. I have spent over 25 years working various summer shooting and offensive basketball camps. Furthermore, a Christ-centered devotional and training focus is included as part of each training and coaching/instruction. The past 5 summers, I have led 6th through 9th/10th grade teams in spring/summer basketball tournaments. I look forward to coaching and working with additional teams to prepare for the upcoming season.


Coach Trey White

White Shadow Basketball


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